Business and Mentoring – Women’s Open Forum is where women speak of their passion and how they brought it to fruition. It fosters a mentoring network to lift up and support members who are in or beginning their business careers, staring an encore career, or who simply wish to expand their horizons. We are focused on helping with career development including public speaking, business, writing, arts and personal development. Members help members, in a nurturing atmosphere. The open forum presentations and programs are designed to help support and empower women to reach their full potential.

Arts and Culture – Women’s Open Forum is a place where women of all ages gather together to share their talents and interests encouraging one another along life’s journey. We are a diverse group of including Writers, Painters, Healers and Intuitives and many members of the various arts. Creativity is a spark of inspiration in all of us.

Community Service – Giving back to the community not only is an investment in our children, it becomes our legacy. We must serve as role models, and promote the importance of education and inspire self-confidence and celebrate achievement in young women in our schools and our community. Is your school interested in a guest speaker? Check our community service page for more announcements and upcoming opportunities. If your group or school would like a speaker, reach out and let us know.

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