Lake Magazine – The Literal World of Ellie Newbauer

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Lake the Magazine recently featured Ms. Ellie Newbauer in their May edition.  Lake magazine is a reflection of life on Lake Gaston and Roanoke Rapids Lake. It is published monthly, connecting people through inspiring, entertaining and informative content. Distribution includes households in the lake country that subscribe to The Daily Herald and complimentary copies are available at high profile locations throughout Halifax and Northampton counties.  In the article Ellie discusses her journey in life, her decision to build the lake house and her approach to enjoying life, it’s entitled “The Literal World of Ellie Newbauer”.

To read the article click here or  on the below picture to view the article on Lake Magazine website.



Tithe to your Mind, Body and Soul

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A message from President, Ellie Newbauer

Ellie4At our March Forum, Ellie Newbauer addressed the group with a challenge. My challenge for you is to tithe ten percent of your time each month, three days out of each month to take care of yourself, the inner working of your mind, body and soul.   You are as important as any organization to which you might tithe, for you are the only one creating the life you live.   I did this when I was really busy in my younger days and I realized that I was tithing 10% of all monies coming to me to Unity. I was spending all my time on everything or everyone and I was running on empty.  So I decided to tithe 10% of my time,  three days a month just to fill and restore my body, mind and spirit. I used the first day of my retreat for meditation and reflection on the month past and the coming month’s possibilities.    

The second day was spent on my body, a massage, manicure, and having a conversation with each organ in my body, asking meditation-400x267its need, if any, and sending it my appreciation and love. It is a scientific fact that every cell in the human body has an intelligence and will respond to your attention—just pay attention to a sudden thought or feeling that surrounds the particular organ you are concentrating on. Think of it as bio-feedback.   My third retreat day was a play day—such as visiting a friend, a day trip, reading, what I felt like for the day.   This was my schedule, your schedule would fit your need. With that being said that is my challenge to you. Take three days each month and work on your mind, body, and soul.”

April Speaker – Cat Graham – Humanity Road

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Cat Graham will be speaking to the group on April 18.  Cat Will be talking about life changing moments and “making your destiny” Cat is Co-Founder and Vice President Humanity Road. Web based disaster response. She is an expert in Social Media Emergency Management its (#SMEM) and social media exercises. She has participated in the development of exercises for Samoa, New Zealand, RIMPAC, United States European Command, Pacific Command, Department of Defense with Joint Chiefs of Staff. For over ten years, Cat served as Team Lead for Gwinnett County, Georgia, American Red Cross Disaster Action Team and in 2005, developed and deployed the first Internet café for the Joint Resource Recovery Center in Lawrenceville, assisting thousands of displaced residents after Hurricane Katrina. She is single, a Reiki Master and presently lives in Boydton, VA